Experimental techniques in high-energy elementary particle physics

Prof. Rino Castaldi
INFN, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), Pisa

15 hours, 4 credits

September 21 - September 24, 2010

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione: Elettronica, Informatica, Telecomunicazioni, via Caruso, meeting room, ground floor

Contacts: Prof. Luca Fanucci



The aim is to introduce the students to the experimental techniques on detectors, data taking and data analysis used in high energy physics. Examples are chosen form modern experiments on elementary particle physics. However the general principles could also be applicable to many other fields of experimental research. As an example of that, the use of these techniques in Medicine will be presented.


  • Introduction to the experimental research on elementary particles (1 hour)
  • Interaction by particles in matter creates detector signal (2 hours)
  • Tracking for momentum measurement and particle identification (2 hours)
  • Calorimetry and lepton identification (1 hour)
  • Analog and digital processing of detector signals (2 hours)
  • Data taking and data analysis techniques (2 hours)
  • Accelerator techniques (2 hours)
  • Examples of modern experiment: the CMS and ATLAS at LHC (2 hours)
  • Techniques from high energy physics used in Medicine (1 hour)